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Coming Soon : Viceroy's House, The Fall (season 3), Squadron 42, American Gods.

The Fall Season 3 (2016)


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Boston Comic Con (2016)

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August 

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Last News 3

nfnetwork ‏@nfnetwork ·
The @NFNetwork is pleased to present @GillianAnderson Supporters Circle Award. Read more at…cle-recipients

2016 Neurofibromatosis Supporters Circle
Award Recipient – Gillian Anderson

The Neurofibromatosis Network is honored to present Gillian Anderson with our 2016 Neurofibromatsis Supporters Circle Award. Gillian has been raising funds for the NF Network since 1995 in honor of her brother, Aaron, who was born with NF1. In 2007 Gillian’s mother, Rosemary, helped launch an annual fundraiser, now known as Doodle4NF. Look for this 10-day auction of celebrity Doodles each May on eBay. Gillian’s faithful assistance in the collection of Doodles insures the auction’s continuing success. Five years ago Aaron passed away at age 30 from an NF-related brain tumor. In his memory Gillian held a series of online auctions of her personal X-Files memorabilia that raised $75,000 for the Network earlier this year. It is with grateful hearts and sincere thanks that everyone associated with the Neurofibromatosis Network would like to recognize and honor Gillian Anderson with our 2016 Supporters Circle Award.…cle-recipients


Cybersound Studios @CybersoundMusic
X Files at Cybersound, Gillian Anderson was in recording her audio book “The Sound Of Seas” Great sessions Read more…

Wizard World Comic Con (2016)

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August in Chicago.

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Happy Birthday Gillian !




American Gods (2017)

‘American Gods’ Adds Gillian Anderson in Key Role

‘American Gods’: Gillian Anderson To Play Media In Starz Series

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New Beauty Magazine (2016)


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The X-Files (Mini-series) 2016

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Class of 96 (1993)

Gillian est apparue dans l’épisode 8 de cette série qui ne comprend que 17 épisodes. L’épisode dans lequel apparaît Gillian s’intitule : The Accused .

Rôle : Rachel, une étudiante.

Réalisateur : Peter Horton

Scénariste : James Magnuson

Distribution : Jason Gedrick (David Morrisey), Megan Ward (Patty Horvath), Wendy Makkena (Margaret Parsons), John Neville (Professeur Hilton)…

First scene

A Streetcar Named Desire (2014 London, 2016 New York)

St Ann’s Warehouse

by Teddy Wolff

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Tumblr Talk (2016)

May 23rd

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Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr

Gillian joins Twitter and Facebook and now Tumblr








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Sold (2016)

A girl risks everything for freedom after being trafficked from her mountain village in Nepal to a brothel in India.

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Awards and Nominations


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13 Ways of Looking at Gillian Anderson (2016)

From Scully to Blanche, an actor at the top of her craft breaks some news and discusses everything from Streetcar to The Fall
By Rebecca Kurson 


(Photo: Emily Assiran for Observer)

13 Ways of Looking at Gillian Anderson

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Gabriela Hearst Dinner in Celebration of Gillian Anderson (2016)


Gabriela Hearst Dinner in Celebration of Gillian Anderson, New York, America – 18 Apr 2016

RexFeatures and Philiater

Charles Roussel/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

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Watch What Happens Live ! (2016)

Gillian Anderson & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau | Watch What Happens Live [April 24,2016]
#NCW#Nikolaj Coster-Waldau#nikolaj coster waldau#game of thrones#got#got cast


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Last News 4

Gillian Anderson Isn’t a Fan of Plastic Surgery Now, But Says ‘Talk to Me in 10 Years’: ‘I Don’t Want to Say Never’

Here’s your chance to win tickets to “Watch What Happens Live!” AND meet Gillian Anderson!
Show is this Sunday April 24th – Meet & Greet (plus photo with Gillian) will follow and last about 10 minutes.

WWH Studios are located at 325 Hudson St, New York.*

Winner may bring a guest.

Winner will make her/his donation directly to Childreach International’s Taught Not Trafficked campaign online.

Minimum Bid: $250

Auction Ends: 10pm ET (7pm PT) Saturday, April 23.

Email your bids to GAws.

Highest offer wins!

*More details will be provided to the winner.

markmannphoto: Oh just another day when #gilliananderson sits on your lap and @davidduchovny is vey jealous.. photographed with a @leicacamerausa lit with @rotolight @thexfilesfox for@brodersonbackdrops #omg

Photo taken April 18th at Tribeca Film Festival

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Viceroy’s House (2016)


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Salt Lake City Comic Con (2016)

Gillian Anderson at Salt Lake Comic Con – March 24-25-26 , 2016



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The Jonathan Ross Show (2016)

On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show (12 March), our host meets some more of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Glenn Close and Gillian Anderson.

Star of hits such as The X Files and The Fall, Gillian spoke to Jonathan about the ever-popular science fiction drama, as well as the fight for equal pay in Hollywood. She also slammed surgery rumours, saying she hasn’t had any but “let’s say that I had decided to, that’s my choice.”

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Letters Live (2016)

Gillian Anderson attends Letters Live, March 2016


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Rolling Stones Magazine interview (2016)

Gillian Anderson on the Future of ‘The X-Files’

Actress discusses the finale, getting back into Scully’s mind-set and how the show feels different over a decade later

By Kory Grow February 23, 2016

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The Telegraph (Review) 2016

Gillian Anderson has never been busier – so why go back to the role that made her famous.
By Tim Martin The Daily Telegraph February 13th 2016

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Squadron 42 (Video Game)

Star Citizen features Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill

PC Gamer

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Dior by Avedon Dinner (2016)

Avedon by Dior Party hosted by Harper’s Bazaar, Beamont Hotel, London, Britain – 19 Jan 2016


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TCA Winter Press Tour (2016)

Joel McHale, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Creator/Executive Producer Chris Carter speak onstage during #TheXFiles panel discussion at the FOX portion of the 2015 Winter TCA Tour at the Langham Huntington Hotel on January 15, 2016 in Pasadena, California.


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The Late Late Show (2016)

January 14th

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‘The X-Files’: How Fox Revived Mulder and Scully’s Search for the Truth (2016)

‘The X-Files’: How Fox Revived Mulder and Scully’s Search for the Truth

Geoff Berkshire

Associate Editor, Features
The set-up is classic “X-Files.” A top-secret location. The corpse of a victim snuffed out under mysterious circumstances. A shady official managing the situation. FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully trying to uncover the truth.

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Larry King Now (2016)

Gillian Anderson on ‘The X-Files’ Reboot, All-White Oscar Noms, & (Not) Kissing Jamie Dornan



Season Premiere of ‘The X-Files’ (2016)

At the California Science Center – 12/01/16

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny laugh during an interview at the season premiere of 'The X-Files' at the California Science Center on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP)

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny laugh during an interview at the season premiere of ‘The X-Files’ at the California Science Center on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP)

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The Golden Globes Parties (2016)

Gillian Anderson attending the Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globes After Party – January 10th, 2016

Gillian Anderson – InStyle and Warner Bros 2016 Golden Globe Awards Post-Party (January 11, 2016)

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Good Day in LA (2016)

January 12th


Net à Porter Interview (2016)

Get a head start on SS16 with the new ’90s-inspired minimal fashion.
Actress GILLIAN ANDERSON wears the trend’s beautifully pared-back and sleek pieces, as she explains why she decided to reopen The X-Files.


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The Talk (2016)

January 13th

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Live with Jimmy Kimmel (2016)

January 12th


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The Weinstein Company And A+E Networks “War And Peace” Screening (2016)

Gillian Anderson attending the The Weinstein Company And A+E Networks “War And Peace” Screening (January 11th, 2016)

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Quora : Session with Gillian Anderson (2016)

Taking Questions Now
Starts answering Monday January 11th at 10:00 PM


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Gillian Anderson: ‘Nothing is lacking in my life. I don’t sit on bar stools, pining’

From The X-Files to The Fall, and Streetcar to War and Peace, Gillian Anderson is busy. She tells Rachel Cooke why it keeps her sane – and why being a single mother of three suits her fine

The Guardian

‘I keep myself busy because when I stop, that’s when I get in trouble’: Gillian Anderson. Photograph: Max Abadian/Corbis Outline

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Gillian Anderson Chases Her Shadow (December 2015)

After years spent building a successful post-X-Files career, the actress is ready to revisit Dana Scully.
By Gaby Wood
Photograph by Jillian Edelstein

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Q&A twitter (2015)

9th December on twitter

What do you do when you are completely overwhelmed ?

I remove myself from the situation and pray for sanity and peace of mind.‬

on a scale from 1 to 10 how exited should we be about the revival ? ‬

Best memory of being Scully?‬
Getting to cry on Mulder’s shoulder.‬
what’s the one role yiu still havent been able to play that you’d love to

Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.‬

what is your favourite healing crystal? ‬
was it a conscious decision to show a woman who wasn’t straight for the first time on txf in your episode?


what’s your dream vacation?
Anywhere warm with my kids.
what was the most enjoyable thing about writing and directing your own episode?
Telling the story through the camera creatively.
do you ever wish you had written more than just the one ep?
No, that’s about all I could handle at the time.

If there’s more eps after these 6, would you be interested in writing/directing again? Any ideas you’ve had?

what was it like to direct David and all the cast? Did you feel nervous at all or it was pretty easy?

Mostly nervous to direct David. Notice that he’s not in it very much.😉
If scully had to be an animal, which animal would she be, and why?
She would be a sheep so that Mulder, the fox, could eat her.

while filming the revival did you ever find yourself accidentally speaking with an English accent for Scully
No but in the first week, I definitely felt like I slipped into Stella Gibson a couple of times.

will you be doing a book tour for the new novel? If so, please add Houston!
No but I might be at the Austin Comic Con next year.
Now that Trump is a frontrunner for the US presidential nomination, aren’t you glad you moved to the UK?
Yes, especially since he might not be allowed in the UK.
What is your favourite aspect of your spirituality?

An unshakable faith that everything happens for a reason.
if you could be any other character on the show who would you be?

can you describe ‪@davidduchovny in 3 words to us?
Funny, smart, sexy.
How do you cope so well with all the travelling that you do?
Good question! Sometimes I don’t.

how do you feel about being loved by so many people that you dont even know?
Go to ‪

Do you think Scully will ever see William again?

If you could wish for something and come true, what would it be???
Global compassion.
I know you had to cut “all things”, what parts do you wish you could’ve kept?
A scene in a Chinese apothecary that I wish we could have kept.
Do you have a method to overcome anxiety? I’m dead. I freaking love you

if you could meet one person in your life past or present who would it be?
Eleanor Roosevelt

What made you choose the name ‘All Things’ for your ep?
We are all connected. We are all the same.
What was your favorite camera shot in “All Things”?
The move from Mulder & Scully on the couch to the fish tank.

what is your favorite book?
Today what I’m reading is The Light Between Us by Laura Lynne Jackson and Edna O’Brien’s The Little Red Chairs.
What is your personality type?

An 8 and a 2.
Did you ever think people would still be questioning all these years if Scully/Mulder consummated their relationship n All Things ?
Are we gonna see any more “bar dates” between Stella and Reed in the next season of The Fall?
You’ll have to watch and see.

do you have any advice for future filmmakers?

Patience, integrity, conviction, and insight.

Did you get any pushback from Chris Carter about starting your episode in Mulder’s bedroom?

I’m watching all things for the first time TONIGHT!
Woo Hoo!
Was William conceived during All Things?
Good question!

do you like Star Wars????? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW

what did you think when you first found out mulder & scully were broken up in season 10?
I thought “good call, Chris”

what did you learn from Dana scully

How to run in heels.
Looking back at “all things”, what stands out to you about Scully’s emotional journey?
I hinted at a relationship she’d had with an older professor which, I think, exemplified a more complex side of Scully than before

What should we drink for the premiere of the revival??
Green Alien Blood Martinis.
why did Adele cross the road?


Hi Gillian. What’s the biggest animal you think you could singlehandedly clingfilm to a lamppost?

A chicken?
Did you have a secret crush on the Smoking Man?
Good God! What?!!

what did mulder and scully give each other for christmas in the ghosts that stole xmas ep??
Scully got a dildo and Mulder got Octopus Porn.
Do you like Cher?
Sure !

Gillian, can you describe Hugh Dancy in few words to us?
Funny, smart, sexy.
What’s the most romantic thing anyone has done for you?

Placed in a wooden box the dried petals of the first roses he ever bought me. Awe!!!
If you could have any super powers, what would they be?

Time Travel.

Do you plan on meeting fans outside after your play in NY next year?

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
That I’m a good Mom.
your worst/best habits as a writer/director?
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
This has been so much fun, everybody! Thanks for tweeting with me. See you in January! #TheXFiles

Scully and Me (Vogue UK )


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Emmy Magazine Interview (2015)

Source : 

Toulouse Game Show (2015)

28 November 2015


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Evening Standard Theatre Awards 52015)

London 22/11/2015


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Park Theatre’s Charity Gala (2015)

Gillian Anderson at Park Theatre’s Charity Gala in London 11/12/15


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Fanexpo Canada (2015)

September 5-6 2015


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Nick Haddow (2015)

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The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (2004)

Pièce de théâtre jouée du 25 mars au 15 mai 2004 au Royal Court à Londres.

“Dana est une artiste peintre dont la renommée n’est plus à faire… Malgré cela, ses dernières œuvres ont fait un flop total et après une tentative de suicide échouée, elle sera admise dans un hôpital psychiatrique dans lequel elle ne peut séjourner que quelques jours. Ayant peur d’affronter la vie réelle et afin de rester le plus longtemps possible à l’hôpital, elle va décider avec l’aide de deux autres malades de feindre la double personnalité en se prenant pour un joueur de baseball de légende : Darryl Strawberry.”

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