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The Last King of Scotland (2006)

                 Un jeune médecin écossais,  tout juste diplômé, débarque en Ouganda en quête d’aventure. Peu après son arrivée, alors qu’il travaille dans un hôpital de brousse, il fait la connaissance d’Idi Amin Dada, qu’un putsch vient de propulser au pouvoir. Celui-ci lui propose de devenir son médecin personnel.

 “I was drawn to the script because you really get to see the Jekyll and Hyde nature of Amin’s character in this story. You see both the seductive man who was loved as much as he was feared, and also the angry, delusional dictator who was a dangerous madman.”

 “I think Sarah has grown thirsty for anything from the West, for any kind of new and exciting conversation and so when she meets Nicholas there are immediate sparks. But then he goes away to work for Idi Amin and she sees him in a different light.” Gillian Anderson

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