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All About Eve (2019)

Olivier Awards: Gillian Anderson Scores 3rd Nomination With ‘All About Eve’ !

With ‘All About Eve’, Gillian Anderson continues to do it all

‘If it’s something that is daunting in one way or another or could potentially arouse fears, then I have a tendency to force myself to say yes’

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Olivier Awards (2019)

Gillian Anderson attends The Olivier Awards 2019 at the Royal Albert Hall on April 07, 2019.
Nomination for Best Actress in ALL ABOUT EVE.

2019 @OlivierAwards 
Hair: @nickirwinhair 
Makeup: @makeupbymarco 
Jewelry: @AspreyLondon 
Coat: @JaegerOfficial
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Vogue UK (2019)

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