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5 years of SA-YES

Dear Sabine,

Five years ago this week SA-YES was registered in the UK and subsequently in South Africa. Happy birthday SA-YES!

It has been an incredible five years. All we knew when we started was that we wanted to provide support for young people who have to make the difficult transition from a children’s home to living independently at the age of 18. We have tried and tested different approaches and we now have a successful, effective programme that is led by the youth and the mentors. SA-YES simply provides the platform, the structure and the resources.

In addition to the programme we have established an incredible network of support globally. It’s so heartwarming for us when we read stories and see photographs of people walking, running and networking on behalf of SA-YES. Thank you all for your incredible support and for contributing your time and energy, allowing us to continue with our work here in South Africa.

We have added some testimonials from a few of our mentors, which we hope you will enjoy reading. Thank you for your continued support!

Warmest regards,

Gillian Anderson and Michelle Potter
SA-YES Co-founders

P.S. – If you are in the Cape Town area, we still have spots left for the 2014 Cape Argus Cycle Tour and tickets for our 5 year anniversary party. Help us spread the word!

2013 British 10K

Congrats guys ! Félicitations à tou(te)s pour cette course au profit de SA-YES !

Thanks IHeartGillian for the update.



My name is Gillian Anderson and I am one of the founders of SA-YES. We work with young people living in children’s homes in South Africa. We provide them with a mentor who meets with them once a week for a year. The primary role of the mentor is to be a friend. Teaching a young person who has been abused and neglected to trust is a big challenge but can also be an incredibly rewarding one. Once trust has been built, a mentor can offer guidance and support as the young person explores the options available to them after leaving the children’s home.

Ours is a very simple programme providing crucial support to these young people.  Adolescence can be a very tough time in anybody’s life and for these youngsters it is even harder. More often than not they are not prepared for this big step into independent living, and they often have nowhere to go, no support network, and no safety net when things get tough.

We need your help to extend our programme to the next generation of South Africans.  Please support our work by donating your time as a mentor or committing to a monthly donation. Your contribution will help us ensure that more young people in South Africa have the support of a caring, committed adult as they take that first step towards independence.

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