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Robot Overlords (2015)

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Robot Overlords (2014)

BBC Interview Gillian

Robot Overlords (2014)

Behind the scenes :

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Earth has been conquered by Robots from a distant Galaxy, survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by Robot Sentries if they venture outside.
In Robot occupied Britain, city centres are devastated and our gang of teenagers live in a seaside town constantly under Robot threat. Intimidating Sentries patrol the streets, Snipers are merciless death machines. The Mediator is deceptively childlike but unnervingly coercive. The Robot base is The Cube, a massive mother-ship that dominates the horizon.

Rôle : Kate

“It’s a fantastic script set in the future about a woman who has four or five kids living with her in a world run by robots and they break out in search of the father who’s gone missing.”


Réalisateur :Jon Wright (Tormented, Grabbers)

Scénaristes : Jon Wright , Mark Stay

Distribution : Sir Ben Kingsley (Robin Smythe), Callan McAuliffe (Sean), James Tarpey (Nathan), Ella Hunt (Alexandra), Milo JF Parker (Connor), David McSavage (Donald), Geraldine James (Monique), Steven Mackintosh (Danny), Tamer Hassan (Wayne), Craig Garner (Mediator 42), Maria Conolly, Ciaran Flynn, Mark Asante…

Sites Officiels :

Robot Overlords (2014)

Embankment Films


Salt (producer)

Nvizible (FX)

Robot Overlords (2014)


Robot Overlords (2014)

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Robot Overlords (2014)

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Gollancz : Mark StayIomtodayScreendaily

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Robot Overlords (2014)

Screen Daily

Robot Overlords (2014)




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