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The Fall (2013-2015)


Netflix will premiere the six-episode second season of BBC drama series “The Fall” starring Gillian Anderson on Jan. 16, 2015.

The Fall is expected to air on BBC Two later on in the year. Speaking of the series, Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning, said:

“The Fall is a unique, forensic and characterful take on a classic genre that continues BBC Two’s commitment to original British drama in 2012. Cubitt’s rich and complex psychological thriller combined with another compelling performance from Gillian Anderson will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.”

Rôle : DSI Stella Gibson


Stella Gibson Tribute

Scénariste : Allan Cubitt (Anna Karenina, Le chien des Baskerville, La revanche de Sherlock Holmes, Murphy’s Law, The boys are back, The Runaway…)

Producers : Artists-Studios

BBC2 official site

BBC Media Centre

Distributeurs :

Content Media Corp

ZDF Enterprises

The Fall ZDFE

Northern Island Screen

Season 2 : 

The Fall series 2 – Behind the scenes (DVD extra)




Réalisateur et Scénariste : Allan Cubitt 

Episode 1 : Walk The Line

It has been ten days since Paul Spector informed DSI Stella Gibson that she would never catch him.

As Gibson tries in vain to help Spector’s surviving victim remember the identity of her attacker, Spector is forced to deal with the loose ends that he left behind in Belfast.

His return to the city to discover that someone from his past has been helping police with their enquiries, forcing Spector to change his plans – with terrifying consequences.

Gillian Anderson (Stella Gibson), Jamie Dornan (Paul Spector), Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector), Aisling Franciosi (Katie Benedetto), Valene Kane (Rose Stagg), Karen Hassan (Annie Brawley), Emmet J Scanlan (Glen Martin), Bronagh Taggart (Gail McNally), Niamh McGrady (Danielle Ferrington), Nick Lee (Ned Callan), Jonjo O’Neill (Tom Stagg), John Lynch (Jim Burns), Archie Panjabi (Tanya Reed Smith)

tumblr_nettrnwg7w1qbq7w9o5_1280 tumblr_nettrnwg7w1qbq7w9o7_1280






111714TheFall02 111714TheFall04 111714TheFall06 111714TheFall07 111714TheFall08 111714TheFall11 111714TheFall12 111714TheFall13 111714TheFall14 111714TheFall15 111714TheFall19 111714TheFall22 111714TheFall23

Episode 2 : One Named Peter

Stella Gibson realises that her mistakes have put the life of witness Rose Stagg in danger. Desperate to save Rose’s life, the police step up the investigation, while Spector continues to stalk Belfast’s streets.

Gillian Anderson (Stella Gibson), Jamie Dornan (Paul Spector), Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector), Aisling Franciosi (Katie Benedetto), Valene Kane (Rose Stagg), Karen Hassan (Annie Brawley), Emmet J Scanlan (Glen Martin), Bronagh Taggart (Gail McNally), Niamh McGrady (Danielle Ferrington), Jonjo O’Neill (Tom Stagg), John Lynch (Jim Burns), Archie Panjabi (Tanya Reed Smith), Ben Peel (James Olsen), Stuart Graham (Matt Eastwood)…

112414TheFall1 112414TheFall2 112414TheFall3 112414TheFall4 112414TheFall9 112414TheFall10 112414TheFall13 112414TheFall15 112414TheFall16 112414TheFall20 112414TheFall21 112414TheFall22

Episode 3 : It’s Always Darkest

After the vital breakthrough which finally identifies Paul Spector as the killer, Stella Gibson must now play an agonising waiting game. Will her actions bring her closer to their target or jeopardise the operation further?

Gillian Anderson (Stella Gibson), Jamie Dornan (Paul Spector), Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector), Aisling Franciosi (Katie Benedetto), Valene Kane (Rose Stagg), Emmet J Scanlan (Glen Martin), Bronagh Taggart (Gail McNally),  Jonjo O’Neill (Tom Stagg), John Lynch (Jim Burns), Archie Panjabi (Tanya Reed Smith), Stuart Graham (Matt Eastwood)…





















120114TheFall3 120114TheFall4 120114TheFall8 120114TheFall9 120114TheFall10 120114TheFall11 120114TheFall12 120114TheFall15 120114TheFall16 120114TheFall17 120114TheFall28 120114TheFall29 120114TheFall31 120114TheFall32 120114TheFall34

Episode 4 : Strangler

Gillian Anderson (Stella Gibson), Jamie Dornan (Paul Spector), Colin Morgan (Tom Anderson),  Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector), Aisling Franciosi (Katie Benedetto), Emmet J Scanlan (Glen Martin), Bronagh Taggart (Gail McNally), Brian Milligan (Jams Tyler), Seainin Brennan (Liz Tyler),  Karen Hassan (Annie Brawley), Jonjo O’Neill (Tom Stagg), Niamh McGrady (Danielle Ferrington),  John Lynch (Jim Burns), Archie Panjabi (Tanya Reed Smith), Stuart Graham (Matt Eastwood)…

As Gibson recovers from her close encounter with the ‘Belfast Strangler’, a shocking revelation proves how terrifyingly manipulative Paul Spector can be.

120814TheFall1 120814TheFall3 120814TheFall4 120814TheFall5 120814TheFall6 120814TheFall7 120814TheFall9 120814TheFall13 120814TheFall16 120814TheFall17 120814TheFall20 120814TheFall22 120814TheFall23 120814TheFall25 120814TheFall28 120814TheFall30 120814TheFall33 121514TheFall2 121514TheFall5 121514TheFall8 121514TheFall14 121514TheFall16 121514TheFall17 121514TheFall18 121514TheFall19 121514TheFall21

Episode 5 : The Fall

As the investigation tightens around Paul Spector, he makes a bold break for cover. However, his recklessness is finally catching up with him, leading to deadly consequences.

Gillian Anderson (Stella Gibson), Jamie Dornan (Paul Spector), Colin Morgan (Tom Anderson), Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector), Aisling Franciosi (Katie Benedetto), Valene Kane (Rose Stagg), Emmet J Scanlan (Glen Martin), Bronagh Taggart (Gail McNally), Niamh McGrady (Danielle Ferrington), Brian Milligan (Jimmy Tyler), John Lynch (Jim Burns), Archie Panjabi (Tanya Reed Smith), Stuart Graham (Matt Eastwood), Sean McGinley (Father Jensen)…

Episode 6 : In Summation

With Paul Spector in custody, DSI Gibson desperately searches for clues to help find Rose Stagg. However, Spector does all he can to thwart her, locking them into a deadly duel.

Gillian Anderson (Stella Gibson), Jamie Dornan (Paul Spector), Colin Morgan (Tom Anderson), Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector), Aisling Franciosi (Katie Benedetto), Valene Kane (Rose Stagg), Bronagh Taggart (Gail McNally), Niamh McGrady (Danielle Ferrington), Brian Milligan (Jimmy Tyler), John Lynch (Jim Burns), Stuart Graham (Matt Eastwood), Seainin Brennan (Liz Tyler), Jonjo O’Neill (Tom Stagg), Nick Lee (Ned Callan) …gillian-anderson the-fall the-fall-s02e06-x264-rb58-mp4_002914400 the-fall-s02e06-x264-rb58-mp4_004716640 tumblr_ngskiah5I31u5elgyo1_1280 tumblr_ngskiah5I31u5elgyo2_1280 tumblr_ngskiah5I31u5elgyo3_1280 tumblr_ngskiah5I31u5elgyo4_1280 tumblr_ngskiah5I31u5elgyo5_1280


Trailer :





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tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o1_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o2_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o3_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o4_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o5_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o6_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o7_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o8_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o9_1280 tumblr_ngwoywaZ0Z1s328r3o10_1280

122214TheFall2 122214TheFall5 122214TheFall7 122214TheFall9 122214TheFall17 122214TheFall18 122214TheFall19 122214TheFall20 122214TheFall23 122214TheFall24 122214TheFall26 122214TheFall28 122214TheFall30 122214TheFall31 122214TheFall35 122214TheFall36 122214TheFall37 122214TheFall38 122214TheFall39 122214TheFall40 122214TheFall41 122214TheFall42 122214TheFall44 122214TheFall46 122214TheFall47 122214TheFall51

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Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan on the set of The Fall: ‘It’s heading to a climax’

The Fall’s Gillian Anderson: ‘I was overjoyed by this unpredictable storyline’

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Belfast Telegraph







Wales Online

Irish Mirror

The Fall 2 Q&A

The Evening Standard Gillian Anderson: It’s great to be back in The Fall – and get ready for a shocker



Belfast Telegraph :

Gillian said:

“I’ve read the scripts and viewers are going to be so shocked. I can’t give anything away except to tell you to expect the unexpected. You won’t believe what’s going to happen.”


Season 1

Réalisateur : Jakob Verbruggen (16+, 180, Code 37…)

Distribution : Jamie Dornan ( Paul Spector), Archie Panjabi (Paula Reed Smith), Gerard McCarthy (Kevin McSwain), Seainin Brennan (Liz Tyler), John Lynch (Jim Burns), Lisa Hogg (Marion), Nick Lee (Ned Callan), Jill Crawford (Alison O’Brien), Eugene O’Hare (Aaron Monroe),  Michael Colgan (Sheldon Schwartz), Gerard Jordan (Brian Stone), Bronagh Waugh (Sally Ann Spector), Aisling Franciosi (Katie), Ekaterina de Rossi (Officer Mary Shangshu), Stuart Graham (Matt Eastwood), Simon Delaney (Jerry McIlroy), Karen Hassan (Annie Brawley), Dearbhail Carr (Samantha), Paul Kennedy (Stephen Jennings), Amanda Doherty (Klira), Faolan Morgan (Dr Grimes), Antoinette Morelli, BJ Hogg (Ian Kay), Patrick O’Kane (Charles Chandler), Chris Corrigan (Bill Nash), Joanne Crawford (Joan Jennings), Laura Donnelly (Sarah Kay),  Lucy McConnell (Angelica), Frank McCusker (Garrett Brink), Michael McElhatton (Rob Breedlove), Ian McElhinney (Morgan Monroe), Niamh McGrady (Danielle Ferrington), Siobhan McSweeney (Mary McCrudy), Brian Milligan (James Tyler), Andy Moore (Terry McInturff), Ben Peel (James Olson), Emmett Scanlan (Glen Martin), Tara Egan Langley (Fiona), Darran Watt (Peter Heiney), Valene Kane (Rose Stagg), Judith Roddy (Dr Andi Manson)

Episodes :

1 : Dark Descent : 

DSI Stella Gibson is brought in to review the investigation into the murder of a woman in Belfast. As she travels across from London, we are introduced to the murderer himself; Paul Spector. Skilfully breaking into the darkened house of young solicitor Sarah Kay, Spector thrills himself by leaving his calling card in the form of Sarah’s underwear laid out on her bed. As Spector returns home, we see that far from the monster we have seen him be earlier; at home he has two young children and a wife who loves him.

Gibson arrives in Belfast and as she looks into the case, she finds similarities to a case from eighteen months ago. Believing them to be the work of one man, she sets about convincing Burns that there is a serial killer lose in Belfast. Meanwhile, that very serial killer is busy preparing for his next attack. It is only when PC Ferrington picks up on a lead that Gibson has identified that the first signs that Sarah is in danger are noticed. But will Ferrington be able to reach Sarah before it is too late?

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Reviews : 

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Huffington Post



The Arts Desk

The Times

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The Time Warriors


Radio Times


Ratings :

3,5 million viewers

2 : Darkness Visible :

3 : Insolence & Wine :   

Monday 27 May



As Gibson takes control of the hunt for the serial killer striking against women in Belfast, the realisation that his perfect kill is tainted pushes Spector into looking for his next victim.

Gibson takes control of the serial killer case and while bringing Burns up to speed with her investigation they are interrupted by a phonecall reporting the fatal shooting of an officer. As Burns leaves, he instructs Gibson to get herself a firearm: the danger of policing in Northern Ireland suddenly hits home.

As Gibson and the investigative team are running through what they know so far about the killer of Fiona Gallagher, Alice Monroe and Sarah Kay, Spector is examining the house of a potential victim.

At the police station, Gibson informs Burns about her night with Olson. Forced to stand by her, Burns joins Gibson at a press conference where she announces the hunt for the serial killer. As Spector watches the news report of the press conference, he comes eye-to-eye with Gibson for the first time.

Later on, the Spectors are visiting Sally Ann’s parents at their farmhouse located outside the city, where Spector discovers an abandoned, derelict building. He decides to return to the site: it is clear he has found himself the perfect lair and starts to move his secret possessions out of the loft at home to keep here.

As he returns to his car to collect some final possessions, the radio news announces that Sarah Kay was pregnant at the time of her death. This news shakes Spector to his core, and he sits staring at the mannequin, its blank stare mirrored in Spector’s eyes.

Compelled to erase his mistakes with Sarah Kay, Spector’s darkest desires are directed at Annie Brawley. As he stands just inches from her, unseen in the shadows, he knows he has selected the next perfect victim.

Cast: Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson; Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector; Archie Panjabi as Professor Tanya Reed Smith; John Lynch as Jim Burns; Niamh McGrady as Dani Ferrington; Gerard Jordan as Brian Stone; Bronagh Waugh as Sally-Ann Spector; Karen Hassen as Annie Brawley; Séainín Brennan as Liz Tyler; Brian Milligan as James Tyler.


4 : My Adventurous Song :

Gibson discusses the case with Ferrington in the office, when the sound of a single gunshot rings out. Being the first on the scene, Gibson shepherds a shell shocked Eastwood outside and learns that Breedlove shot himself when Eastwood tried to arrest him for being involved in illegal activity at Aaron Monroe’s party. As Burns takes in the increasing loss of life that surrounds him, he affectionately thanks Gibson for dealing with events so calmly.

Gibson revisits the Sarah Kay crime scene with Reed-Smith. As they discuss the case, Reed-Smith reluctantly brings up a friend of hers, Rose Stagg, who told her of a lover she had while at university in Belfast who tried to strangle her. The killer has written to Ian Kay to apologise for unwittingly killing Sarah Kay while she was pregnant. Ian Kay is keen to appeal to the killer’s better nature and, despite her reservations, Gibson is keen to exploit this line of communication. Later that night, as Sally Ann cares for a terminally ill baby at work, Spector breaks into Annie Brawley’s house and lies in wait. As Gibson is paid a visit by Rose Stagg, nervous at the prospect of recounting her troubling past, Spector strikes against Annie. However, all is not as Spector planned.


5 : The Vast Abyss :

Trailer :


Promo :

Steffan Hill (stills)


NI Scene


Woman’s Hour BBC  Download Woman’s Hour


The truth is out there

Gillian Anderson plays a high-flying cop on the trail of a serial killer in a chilling new Belfast-set crime thriller

Hard as it may be to believe, it is 20 years since Gillian Anderson made her name as Special Agent Dana Scully in The X-Files, winning her Emmys, Golden Globes and even the accolade of World’s Sexiest Woman along the way.

The actress has since gone on to play a wide range of roles, from the bitter heiress Miss Havisham in Great Expectations to Wallis Simpson in Any Human Heart, but she has always maintained a special affection for the character that made her a household name.

Now, however, the 44-year-old admits that her latest TV incarnation, as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, a detective hunting a serial killer in the new BBC2 thriller The Fall, has finally supplanted the paranormal investigator as the favourite role of her acting career.

“I enjoyed playing Scully, but I prefer Stella and identify more with her,” she says. “Scully was dowdy, serious and pretended to be grown-up. Stella is serious, too, and feels more grown-up than I am, but she is also naughty, independent, and forthright, and has something mysterious about her. I haven’t played many characters who are so comfortable with their femininity, and I have learned a lot about being a woman from her.”

Stella Gibson is an experienced detective with the Metropolitan Police who is seconded to Belfast to re-evaluate and advance the investigation into the murder of a young woman. As she assembles the evidence and begins to notice connections to another case, Gibson realises that a serial killer is at work in the city and ends up leading the investigation.

This is no whodunnit, however, the audience knows from the outset that the killer is bereavement counsellor Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan). In following Stella’s dogged search for him, we gain a chilling insight into his mindset, both at home with his young family and as he closes in on his victims. “There are so many serial-killer dramas at the moment, but this adds something different,” says Anderson, who also has a recurring role in the Sky Living drama Hannibal playing Dr. Lecter’s psychotherapist.

“There is a particular level of creepiness when you see the serial killer doing what he does, while also observing the person who is haunting him. In one scene, you watch Paul bathing a victim while at the same time you see Stella bathing. It is intimate and disturbing, but not gratuitous.”

As the series goes on, a battle of wills develops between the two and the impact of Spector’s crimes on everyone involved, from his own family to a pair of police officers who feel responsible for the fate of his latest victim, becomes increasingly pronounced. “You get a sense of human existence and the cycle of life and death, of blood, cells, skin and decay,” explains Anderson. “The series features a newborn baby struggling for life and a teenager becoming aware of her sexuality at the same time as a serial killer is taking life from young women.”

The city of Belfast and the impact that local politics can have on its police force and commercial life are key themes of the drama, and Anderson is pleased that the series shows the Northern Irish capital in a modern light rather than focusing on its difficult past.

“I enjoyed the fact that The Fall reveals a side of the city that isn’t all about the Troubles,” explained the actress, who plays an MI5 boss in another Belfast-set thriller, the film Shadow Dancer, which premieres on Friday on Sky Premiere (see panel, below). “There is tension there because of that history, but this show is not directly about that and you really see Belfast in a proper way as contemporary city, which hopefully will be good for it, I loved working there.”

For Anderson, who spent some of her childhood in London and has lived in the UK for the past 10 years, Britain feels very much like home. However, if a rumoured third The X-Files film gets off the ground, the actress could find herself heading back across the Pond to reprise her role as Scully.

“There has been talk of a third film,” she confirms. “The fans want it and creator Chris Carter has discussed writing a script. David Duchovny would certainly be on board if it happened, but it feels as though it needs a finale because I don’t think that the last film was a good one to end on. We will just have to wait and see.”

Gillian Anderson’s Belfast files

Gillian Anderson can also be seen playing anohter Londoner dabbling in Belfast affairs this week in the film Shadow Dancer, which gets its first showing this Friday on Sky Premiere at 10pm (see films, page 19).

Adapted from his own novel by ITV political editor Tom Bradby, the 1990s-set thriller follows single mother and republican activist Collette, played by Andrea Riseborough as she reluctantly agrees to turn informant on the IRA terrorist cell to which she and her two brothers belong.

Clive Owen co-stars as Mac, the British agent who recruits Collette, while Anderson plays his MI5 superior Kate Fletcher, whose cool indifference to his intelligence initiative makes him wonder whether she has a hidden agenda.

Working on the film gave Anderson some useful background information when it came to playing Stella Gibson in The Fall.

“I did a lot of research about the Brits in Northern Ireland, so there was some crossover there,” she reveals. “Shadow Dancer was shot in Dublin, but I did work in Northern Ireland before when I played a Belfast single mother five years ago in a film called The Mighty Celt.”

Who’s Who In The Fall

DSI Stella Gibson
Gillian Anderson
The talented detective is sent to Belfast to review a murder case and ends up hunting for a serial killer.

Paul Spector
Jamie Dornan
The bereavement counsellor is leading a twisted double life in which he stalks and kills women.

Sally-Ann Spector
Bronaugh Waugh
Jamie’s wife is a nurse and has no idea that he father of her two young children is a sadistic killer.

ACC Jim Burns
John Lynch
The senior officer is under pressure to progress the murder case and brings Stella in to get results.

Tanya Reed Smith
Archie Panjabi
The English-born pathologist forges a close friendship with Stella while working on the investigation.

Morgan Monroe
Ian McElhinney
The politician holds sway over the police and is the father of a suspect in the case Stella is reviewing.

TV Choice Magazine

Audioboo  Gillian Anderson on her Belfast detective series.


TBI Vision


BBC  BBC (2)


Culture Northern Ireland

a Seainin Brennan Interview

Diffusion :

Mai 2013 sur BBC2.

Avril 2014 sur 13e Rue


Awards :

2014 : Best Irish TV Show (The Erics) entertainment

2014 : IFTAS (Irish Film and Television Awards) : Best actor and Rising Star for Jamie Dornan, Best TV Drama and Best Original Score (David Holmes). Daily Edge

2014 : BAFTA TELEVISION CRAFT : Best Editing-Fiction for Steve Singleton Awards Bafta.

2014 : EDGAR AWARDS : Best Television Episode Teleplay : “Episode 1” – The Fall, Teleplay by Allan Cubitt (Netflix) Edgar Awards

2015 : THE BRITISH SCREENWRITERS AWARDS : Best Crime Writing on Television.

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