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The House of Mirth (2000)

            Une femme risque de perdre la chance d’être heureuse avec le seul homme qu’elle aime.

“One of the beauties of Wharton’s work and words is that so much is implied and bubbling underneath and you certainly get that from Terence’s script. I completely immersed myself in the book, in the script, and gathered a deep understanding of this piece of work,” says Gillian Anderson.

“Lily doesn’t know her parameters of power within society, and that’s part of the tragedy. She thinks she’s got the power by being beautiful and charming and that’s very dangerous – it’s like people believing their own publicity. Gillian brings immense subtlety to the role. She’s wonderful about doing small things with her face and eyes.” Terence Davies

“Not only is she extraordinarily beautiful but gives a wonderfully strong performance and it’s important that Lily is not perceived as a victim from the start”. Olivia Stewart, producer

“He knows exactly how he wants it to be. He knows exactly how every moment should look,” observes Anderson. “Nevertheless, he allows one’s own personalisation of the character to come through and there is still room for spontaneity. And he loves being surprised, seeing something that is in his mind better than he could have imagined it. We had a united desire to be as specific as we possibly could be.” Gillian Anderson

Rôle : Lily Bart, une jeune femme, en quête de mari, d’abord adulée, puis accusée par la rumeur, enfin rejetée, la jeune femme finit tragiquement, incapable de vivre hors de cette société et de ses artifices.

Réalisateur : Terence Davies (Distant voices, still lives ; une longue journée qui s’achève, the Neon Bible, Of time and the city, The deep blue sea…)

Scénaristes : Edith Warton, Terence Davies

DistributionDan Aykroyd (Gus Trainor), Terry Kinney (George Dorset), Anthony LaPaglia (Sim Rosedale), Laura Linney (Bertha Dorset), Jodhi May (Grace Julia Stepney), Elizabeth McGovern (Mrs Carry Fisher), Eric Stoltz (Lawrence Selden)…

Trailer :

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Critiques :

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Box-office total : 4, 9 millions de $

‘Gillian Anderson has the luminosity of Greer Garson,’ says Terence Davies

Awards :

2000 : BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM AWARD : Best Actress for Gillian

2001 : ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL : People’s Choice Award : international Competition Terence Davies

SATELLITE AWARDS : Golden Satellite Award for Best Art Direction : Don Taylor.

2002 : CHLOTRUDIS AWARDS : Best Actress for Gillian and Best Screenplay-Adapted for Terence Davies.

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