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Gillian Anderson: The truth is out there…in books 


“Miss Anderson is very famous for being in plays,” says Julia Douëtil. “You know when you’re in a school play, or a nativity play? She’s really, really good at that.”

Seven-year-old Florence nods. “I hadn’t heard of her,” she says. “But I know she works in a couple of grown-up movies. So now I’m excited.”

Gillian Anderson – Scully in the X-Files, Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, Stella Gibson in The Fall (pictured), among other grown-up roles – is at the UCL Institute of Education, in London, in order to hear Florence and her classmate, seven-year-old Liam, read out loud.

Her visit forms part of Read Aloud week, joining other celebrities, such as footballer Gareth Bale and children’s illustrator Quentin Blake, listening to children read. The children chosen have all previously struggled with reading and are graduates of the Reading Recovery programme, which offers primary schoolchildren up to 20 weeks of one-on-one literacy tuition.

Ms Douëtil, director of the national Reading Recovery programme, says that the aim of Read Aloud week is to draw attention to the achievements of children such as Florence and Liam, pupils at William Tyndale primary in the North London borough of Islington.

“In the past, these are children who would have gone on to fail and to be renowned in the school as the difficult children,” she says. “We want them to be renowned in the school as the successful children.”

Both Liam and Florence were given one-on-one reading sessions with Peggy Ashton, William Tyndale’s Reading Recovery teacher.

Liam, Ms Ashton says, was barely able to read when he began the sessions. Now, his reading age is higher than his chronological age. “They just needed that little extra push and they just flew,” she says. “Some of them just need that one-to-one and the scales come off. It’s amazing.”

As Gillian Anderson arrives in the building, Ms Douëtil attempts to explain to Florence and Liam quite how impressed they should be. “She must be very brave, when she’s in a big theatre, with hundreds of people watching,” she says. “Do you want to be an actor when you grow up?”

“No,” says Florence. “I want to be a hairdresser.”

Unlike her pupils, however, Ms Ashton has a very clear idea who Anderson is. “I’m probably more excited than the children,” she says. “My husband gave me strict orders not to gush at her.”

Then Anderson arrives. Liam is busy reading; Ms Douëtil has to summon him over to say “hello”. The two children show her the books they have chosen to read.

Liam has brought Town Mouse and Country Mouse. Florence has brought a book called Owl Babies. “Oh!” says Anderson. “I love that book. My mum is a birder and she has binoculars around her neck all the time.”

Florence reads fluently and with expression. At the end of the book, Anderson gives her a hug. Liam, too, reads enthusiastically and is hugged in turn.

“Books are so exciting,” Anderson tells the children. “They can be your friend. You can take them around the world and they can take you to different worlds. But sometimes it takes a while to learn that.”

After photographs with the children – and a flushing Ms Ashton – Anderson talks more about why she feels it is so important to support such projects. “It doesn’t take that much to literally change a person’s life,” she says. “As a result of the work that these children have had, they will have opportunities in her life that they simply would not have had, if they hadn’t been able to read and comprehend at the right level.

“To find someone like their teacher – clearly they adore her. She’s worked hard, and they’ve worked hard with her, and it’s making such an extraordinary contribution to these children’s lives. They will never forget her.”

Ms Ashton, meanwhile, has had her own unforgettable moment. “I feel very privileged,” she says, smiling. “She’s so high-profile. It just gives you some validation for what you do, really.”


Oscar’s First Book Prize: Gillian Anderson ‘thrilled’ to join judging panel for Standard’s book prize in memory of Oscar

Gillian Anderson today said she was thrilled to join the panel of judges for Oscar’s First Book Prize.

The prize was set up in memory of Oscar Ashton, the son of Evening Standard executive editor and columnist James Ashton, who was three years old when he died in December 2012 from an undetected heart condition.

The £5,000 award, for the best first book published in 2014 for children aged five or under, pays tribute to Oscar’s love of stories.

Award-winning actress Anderson, 46, who is filming in St Petersburg for a BBC adaptation of War And Peace, said: “I’m thrilled to have been asked to judge Oscar’s First Book Prize.

“Those first years when tiny children begin to look at the world around them in new ways are so special and such a vital time. So any book they pick up that leads them on to pick up another one is a wonderful thing.”

The former X-Files star, who won the Natasha Richardson best actress award at the 60th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards for Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire, added: “I’m looking forward to immersing myself in that world [of children’s books] again.”

The prize, sponsored by Waitrose, is in its second year. Anderson joins Dame Marjorie Scardino, ex-CEO of publisher Pearson; Rupert Thomas, Waitrose marketing director; and Oscar’s parents James Ashton and Viveka Alvestrand on the panel.

Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands said: “Last year we had over 60 really inspiring entries and hope this year to beat that number.”

UK publishers may submit up to three books per imprint, by 5pm on March 20. A shortlist of five will be announced in April, and the winner announced on May 7.



The royal meets The Fall star Gillian Anderson (centre), who is a Prince’s Trust Ambassador, at the Savoy

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Cat Greenleaf

Gillian Anderson Dishes The Fall, Its American Remake, Future of The X-Files and Of Course Jamie Dornan


Nerdist Podcast


In Style Golden Globes Party, Los Angeles, January 11th

Gillian Anderson


BAFTA TEA PARTY, Los Angeles January 10th.



Mulberry dinner at Chateau Marmont around the pool at Bungalow One on Friday (January 9) in Los Angeles.


“@GillianA: Thank you @JaguarUSA for a fantastic evening! #JaguarInLA ”

Q&A #TheFallOnNetfix

Jamie Dornan ‪@JamieDornan‬

“@MarinaSalazar21 Are there certain characteristics you admire for one another’s character? Her strength & determination #TheFallOnNetflix
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@MarinaSalazar21 What intrigued u most about yr character 2 want 2 play her? #TheFallOnNetflix” She’s one of most complex characters
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@Starbuck_Scully Other than the characters you play, who is/was your favorite character on the show? #TheFallOnNetflix” Spector.

Jamie Dornan ‪@JamieDornan‬
“@Starbuck_Scully Other than the characters you play, who is/was your favorite character on the show?” Stella, obviously. #TheFallOnNetflix

Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@stanniewerschic Gillian, if you could give a piece of advise to young girls, what would it be? #TheFallOnNetflix”Love yourself as you are.
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@sssfallenangel @GillianA #TheFallOnNetflix favorite scene with @JamieDornan ?” If I told you it would be a spoiler. Ill say the long one.
Jamie Dornan ‪@JamieDornan‬
“@summer0001 what’s the best part of making this show?” Getting to work with @GillianA who is sat right beside me. #TheFallOnNetflix

Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@mirimaynoz Did you learn anything from Stella Gibson? @GillianA #TheFallOnNetflix” To embrace my complexities as a woman.

Jamie Dornan ‪@JamieDornan‬
“@Emma92uk do you think there’s something “more” between Stella and Paul?” You’ll have to watch to find out… #TheFallOnNetflix

Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@leena1303 Gillian/Jamie best advice on balancing work & family. @netflix @GillianA @JamieDornan #TheFallOnNetflix”Quality of time is key.
Jamie Dornan ‪@JamieDornan‬
“@MrsSaraTurner Were you at all surprised how big #TheFall has become?” No, because they’re best scripts I’ve ever read. #TheFallOnNetflix
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@lucyimclaughlin What are the struggles you think women face daily, aside from obvious? #TheFallOnNetflix” Self esteem. Having a voice.
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@lindamcdoodle @GillianA Wats the best thing abt filming in Belfast? from Armagh! #TheFallOnNetflix” The Northern Irish.

Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@svdel @GillianA For being such a serious show, I have feeling that set was very lighthearted. Am I right? #TheFallOnNetflix” Yes indeed.

Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@shadesofdornan @GillianA @JamieDornan do you think on some level Stella relates to Spector? #TheFallOnNetflix” Definitely.
Jamie Dornan ‪@JamieDornan‬
“@JennyJohnsonHi5 I LOVE The Fall!!! Gives me a big ‘ol TV boner. Will there be a third season?” Thank you. Potentially more boners to come.
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
“@rachelfardy @JamieDornan @GillianA how about a selfie? #TheFallOnNetfix” banana added for scale Wink
Gillian Anderson ‪@GillianA‬
Goodbye all you fabulous human beings. Binge watch The Fall on the 16th & make it the most successful Netflix show EVER!! #TheFallOnNetflix



#TheFall’s @GillianA and @JamieDornan at #TCA2015. Join us for a Twitter Q&A at 10:30 A.M. PST #TheFallOnNetflix

Tim Goodman ‪@BastardMachine‬
Gillian Anderson is here for #TheFall and laughs that she’s a little too tiny for the big chairs Netflix has…

Tim Goodman ‪@BastardMachine‬
If you haven’t seen #TheFall on Netflix, you should do that immediately. Seasons are short. S2 starts Jan. 16. Gillian Anderson is great.

Dave Nemetz ‏‪@Dave_Nemetz‬ 1 min
il y a 1 minute
Uncomfortable lull during The Fall panel. Gillian Anderson shouts out, “Have y’all seen it?” (I have!) ‪#Netflix ‪#TCA15

Diane Gordon ‪@thesurfreport‬
Cubitt is very confident there will be a 3rd season of #TheFall but does not have official green light yet. #TCA15

Daniel Fienberg ‪@HitFixDaniel‬
A 3rd season of “The Fall” hasn’t been officially announced, but it’ll happen Allan Cubitt says. He also has an ending. #Lumberjack #TCA15

Diane Gordon ‪@thesurfreport‬
Cubitt: deciding to end a series, you follow your instinct but you can’t please everybody. #TheFall #TCA15

Tim Goodman ‪@BastardMachine‬
“X-Files was the beginning of appointment televiison. We’re the end of appointment television.” – Gillian Anderson on The Fall/Netflix

Diane Gordon ‪@thesurfreport‬
Gillian Anderson: There’s a case to be made for viewers being able to watch shows on-demand when they want. #TheFall #TCA15

Jacqueline Cutler ‪@JacqCutler‬
“This series is the favorite thing I do,” — Gillian Anderson #TCA15 telling show runner and co-star “shut up” when they interrupt.

Dave Nemetz ‪@Dave_Nemetz‬
Gillian Anderson, on her role on #TheFall: “I felt strongly that Stella was one of my favorite characters I’ve ever played.” #TCA15

Diane Gordon ‪@thesurfreport‬
Gillian Anderson doesn’t binge-watch. Tried to do it with #BreakingBad, didn’t get very far. She did listen to #Serial. #TCA15

Terri Schwartz ‪@Terri_Schwartz‬
The best part of #TCA15 day 1 is Jamie Dornan begging Gillian Anderson not to spoil @serial for him.

Tiffany Vogt ‪@TVWatchtower‬
Jamie Dornan says Gillian’s character is flattered by his character’s attention and may be a little bit in love with him. #TheFall #TCA15

Debra Birnbaum ‪@debrabirnbaum‬
#TheFall EP wrote the part with Gillian Anderson in mind. “It’s not very often you get your first choice in actors.” #Netflix #TCA15

CandaceHavens ‪@CandaceHavens‬
Creator Allan Cubitt says Gillian Anderson is one of the greatest actresses of our time. #TCA15

Tiffany Vogt ‪@TVWatchtower‬
#TheFall EP admits after casting Gillian Anderson that it was a tall order to try to find actor who could work up against her. #TCA15

Jason Lynch ‪@jasonlynch‬
“There’s a little bit of cattle ranching over here” Gillian Anderson on making TV in US vs UK #TCA15

Eric Deggans at NPR ‪@Deggans‬
“It feels more human being to human being…a great deal more respect.” Gillian Anderson on why working in British TV is better than U.S.

Eric Goldman ‪@EricIGN‬
There was a possibility for a US remake of The Fall but it fell through, Cubitt reveals. #TheFall #TCA15


Actor Gillian Anderson on her new film about the sex-trafficking of Nepali children


Gillian Anderson drops in as school’s library fills with books

Christmas has come early for the 184 pupils at Kensington Aldridge Academy. The response from publishers, authors and librarians following our story last week about the academy’s shortage of books for its first intake of year seven pupils has been overwhelming. Within hours, publishers of all the children’s favourite titles had offered to help, with boxes of books rushed in to fill the library’s shelves.

Evening Standard owner Evgeny Lebedev visited the school with actress Gillian Anderson to see what the children thought about the new arrivals by their wishlist authors, including JK Rowling, Malorie Blackman, Suzanne Collins, Rachel Renee Russell, John Boyne, Anthony Horowitz, Jeff Kinney, Stephenie Meyer and David Walliams.

Sydney Rowetoth, 11, is already halfway through her new copy of Walliams’s Demon Dentist. When asked by Mr Lebedev what she liked about the writer, she replied: “Because he makes me laugh. He’s my favourite author.”

She then asked Mr Lebedev if he had a favourite book. Mr Lebedev replied that, being a Russian, it was Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin. Sydney promised him she would look it up.

“I’m really impressed by how much the kids were keen to read. I don’t think I was that keen when I was their age,” Mr Lebedev said. “The Standard has become such a force for good in London and has been used to improve peoples’ lives, in this particular case kids’ lives and their ability to engage in something that hopefully will become extremely important to them.

“It’s a really fine thing and we should be proud of it. Apart from being a service to Londoners, we can also be of use to Londoners. Those who need help are helped by it. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Gillian Anderson, who recently won the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress at the 60th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards, agreed: “It’s fantastic. I’m very impressed with the amount that the students have read already and how much they read.

“I remember trying to shove Harry Potter on my own daughter when she was nine and she had no interest whatsoever. It wasn’t until she read The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon that her eyes were opened.”

For school librarian Vashti Turner, seeing the packed shelves is a dream come true. “I’ve been contacted by many authors, school librarians and others, including the librarian from Highgate School who’s been in touch with a large network of private schools sending in their excess copies,” she said. “The children, who are already enthusiastic, got extremely excited when we started unpacking the books.”

The school has also been given £1,000 by the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation to help develop its collection as well as receiving 30 e-readers from NOOK in support of the Evening Standard’s Get Reading campaign.

As Jeff Kinney, author of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, puts it: “I couldn’t agree more as to how important books are in a child’s educational and personal development and I hope the library at the Aldridge Academy becomes a thriving addition to the school.”

Evening Standard

Gillian Anderson @GillianA
I was already impressed by the #NissanLEAF, but this is really exciting! #LEAFkm

Gillian Anderson toasts award by serving up cocktails


Gif Gif

Daily Mail


Gillian Anderson Remembers Her First Big Break as an Actress

How did you end up in New York?
I came straight out of college. For graduation at DePaul University in Chicago, I was given my parents’ old VW Rabbit. It took me so long to pack up all my junk that I set out by myself on my journey to New York at 11 p.m. — not advised. I pretty much drove straight through. I remember my futon was strapped to the roof. I was smoking in the car, and I realized all the embers were going up, and if the futon caught on fire, the whole car would burst into flames. So I smoked with the windows rolled up.

Was this your first acting job?
It was my first break. Mary-Louise Parker was originally cast, but she got the movie “Grand Canyon” and left. I was waitressing in the East Village and at a greasy spoon and a fancy restaurant. I was terrible at waitressing at the fancy restaurant. I can handle 30 tables with fast service, but not two tables at a high-end place.

What do you remember of the show?
Because I grew up in the U.K. I could do a British accent, but they were taking a very big risk in hiring me. I had no experience. I had only done a few plays in college. It was a very steep learning curve under (director) Lynne Meadow. I was 22, somewhat lackadaisical and probably very self-obsessed, and wasn’t as mindful of the importance of timing in a comedy.

What did you do after it closed?
I went back to waitressing. I remember serving somebody a plate of food, and him saying, “Weren’t you the girl who won the Theatre World Award for the play you did off-Broadway. What happened?”

And then?
It felt like months and months, and one day, I landed three jobs. Because I was greedy, I took two — a play, “The Philanthropist,” and an independent film shot in Virginia. At the play, I met a young man who I moved to Los Angeles with. And while we were together, I auditioned for “The X-Files.”

What advice would you give yourself looking back?
I think I was pretty hard on myself. There were definitely periods that I felt discouraged. It felt like it was endless rejection. But if I look back at everything I accomplished in a short time, it’s pretty cool.


Why Gillian Anderson is the new Helen Mirren


Gillian Anderson at “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show”. (November 21, 2014)

The lovely @GillianA at @TiffanyAndCo reading the Winter Carousel story this evening #TiffanyChristmas

Reading the Winter Carousel @tiffanyandco with Gillian Anderson @halpernlondon #christmas #storytime

Gillian Anderson
Join the #wallofsilence -GA

Portraits by James Allen

Shinding Chats 

Gillian Anderson’s 6 favorite books The X-Files star recommends works by Jennifer Egan, Donna Tartt, and more By The Week Staff | 2:00pm ET

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $15). Clare first meets Henry when she’s 6 and he’s 36. Over the next 30 years, Clare’s life progresses in a linear fashion while Henry uncontrollably time-travels to the past and future. Clare is such a beautiful character — the emotional epicenter for a man dislocated in time. Her devotion to Henry, who is paradoxically most present to her when he’s absent, forces her to gain strength in her solitude.

A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan (Anchor, $16). This is a novel about the interconnected lives of many people, but Sasha, a record executive’s passionate and sticky-fingered personal assistant, always struck me as the main character. She views the objects she steals as collectively expressing “the raw, warped core of her life,” and it’s heartbreaking. No wonder this novel won a Pulitzer.

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout (Random House, $15). Olive is a difficult woman to love, but love her I do. Her sensitivities, emotions, and very personal perception of the world — though sometimes grating to her friends and family — feel very real.

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom (Touchstone, $16). A young Irish immigrant begins working in the kitchen of a Southern plantation. As an indentured servant, she straddles two worlds: the world of her white master and mistress, and that of her adoptive slave family. A unique and unforgettable novel.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery (Europa, $15). Witty and touching, this novel features two of my favorite female characters: Renée, the concierge of a Paris apartment building who hides her passion for culture, and the precocious 12-year-old Paloma, who yearns to escape the vapid future laid out for her. As their lives intertwine, both characters learn more about themselves and the world.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (Little, Brown, $30). Full disclosure: I am only partway through Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. But I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorites.

— Gillian Anderson plays Hannibal Lecter’s psychotherapist on the NBC series Hannibal. The actress’ first novel, the science fiction thriller A Vision of Fire, was recently published by Simon & Schuster.

The Week

Frights of Passage: Biggest horror icons spill their guts about what scares them


As a mom, “The X-Files” actress Gillian Anderson — who wrote the new sci-fi novel, “A Vision of Fire” — would rather undergo an alien abduction than experience the terror she faced during a 2011 trip to Sri Lanka.

“(We were) stuck at the top of a mountain in Sri Lanka when my teenage daughter Piper contracted a serious stomach bug,” Anderson says.

“Her hands started to curl in rigor due to dehydration and we needed to drive two hours with a not very good driver in a not very good van to what we knew would be a not very good hospital.”

There’s a happy ending: Piper recovered.

The 1000 – London’s most influential people 2014: The Arts


Gillian Anderson
Once the star of TheX-Files, this petite American, who spent a chunk of her childhood in Crouch End and briefly had a blue mohican, is an electrifying stage performer. Most recently she was a revelatory Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Young Vic.

London Evening Standard

joshuahorowitz: Happy/Sad/Confused. With Gillian Anderson. #happysadconfused #gilliananderson Photo: @colindouglasgray”

Gillian Anderson Took Our “Which X-Files Character Are You?” Quiz

Gillian Anderson
#TBT to when I was writing #AVisionofFire! This is A) my state of mind while writing or B) me at the park w/ my kids

Gillian Anderson said: “The reason I’m supporting Stand Up To Cancer is that I truly believe that we can make a difference and beat this terrible disease. We all have the power to help change statistics and save lives, we just need to unite together, take control and make a stand. Survival rates have improved tremendously but we still need to do more. We need to let cancer know that it’s now payback time and we will do whatever is in our power to beat it.”

Stars rush to beat cancer

The Times

Gillian Anderson at The Hoping Foundation’s ‘Starry Starry Night’ Benefit Evening – June 19, 2014

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