All About Gillian

Currently : The X-Files S11. Coming Soon : UFO, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Squadron 42.

Robot Chicken (2014)


We were ecstatic to have Gillian Anderson in the studio for some upcoming episodes of RC Stoodios’ “Robot Chicken”! In a session engineered by Brian Reed, the former “X-Files” star recorded several new characters for new episodes of Adult Swim’s Emmy-winning claymation series. The 15-minute show features weekly comedic sketches based on pop culture and the news. In addition, we were happy to creator/executive producer Seth Green direct the session. Green also writes and directs most episodes of the show. To learn more about Gillian Anderson, click here: To learn more about “Robot Chicken”, click here: Bam Studios


Episode 8 : UP, UP AND BUFFET

Distribution : Seth Green, Kyle Chandler, Eden Espinoza, Breckin Meyer, Dan Milano, Matthew Seinreich, Hélène Yorke.

Fairy Satanmother

Shrek and Fiona

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