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Never After

Fairy tales did not stand the test of time accidentally. We need them as much as Cinderella needs her fairy godmother or Jack needs his magic beans – fairy tales show us the way through life’s adventures. As some of the most popular stories ever told, classic fairy tales are currently making a wonderful resurgence in our world today and Never After is on the forefront of this fairy tale wave; by creators Jessica Fox and Sara Wolkowitz, along with executive producer Diana Phillips (Alfie, Death at a Funeral) and creative consultant Jocelyn Stevenson (co-creator/writer of Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street),  Never After will bring the REAL, original tales – adapted and updated for modern family audiences – to television.


Rôle : Narrator

Réalisatrices : Jessica Fox and Sara Wolkowitz (Still on the Road)

Sara Wolkowitz

Jessica Fox

Producteurs : 

Silent Treatment Films

As a promo trailer for a fantasy based children’s TV show Sara and Jessica had conceived a one take trailer with all in camera effects, based around a mystical forest.

Shot in BBC Studios we created a growing forest, with moving trees, a flying heart and a rig to remove Gillian Anderson’s dress(!) whilst she narrated to camera all the whole time.

Ollie Tiong


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