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Emerald City Comicon (2013)

Gillian participe du 1er au 3 mars 2013 au Emerald City Comicon de Seattle .

Vanya Tucherov ‏@vtucherovQuote of the day, from Gillian Anderson, just leaving the green room at Emerald City Comicon: “It’s so quiet out here. Those actors are loud.”


Gillian Anderson’s panel : saturday 3rd March
Erica Fraga @EricaFraga97

Standing ovation!!! #ECCC13

#GillianAnderson “lower your expectation” when asked if fans attended other panels #ECCC13

GA “I’m warning you know, I don’t remember anything from the show’

Ga forgot her Sculkys abduction

BL asking about GA accent, wants her to switch from American to British. She’s giving him the Scully eyebrows #ECCC13

Erica Fraga @EricaFraga97

GA trying to switch accents – not working. She’s sticking to american

GA on how she met the father of her daughter #ECCC13

GA says she’s was offered law enforcement roles post Scully. She doesn’t chose Scully roles on purpose #ECCC13

BL asking about shouting in UK versus US. GA knows more about UK filming as of late #ECCC13

#anyhumanheart is mentioned. GA doesn’t remember the bitchy role AG played #ECCC13

GA says she changes dialects based in who she’s around. She seems annoyed by BL repeated question about ER accent

Fan is crying talking to GA asking if she reads fanfiction #ECCC13

GA doesn’t know what fanfiction is abd wants examples #ECCC13

CC knew what he wanted in Scully so GA new what she had to for him#ECCC13

Question: do you feel proud that you created a lasting feminine icon#ECCC13

GA says yes, she’s grateful, and happy to play her for 9 yrs but says Stella is better than scully#ECCC13

“There were times we wanted to be on set, and sometimes not, but we spent more time together than anyone in our lives.” #ECCC13

GA pulled pranks on other people like #RobBowman. GA would pin clothesline to bavk of people’s jacket #ECCC13 .

GA pinned 56 clothespins to RobBowmans jacket. Her laughing gave her away #ECCC13

Fan asking about “all things” and what she leaves from it #ECCC13

GA can’t remember details, just the outline age write at 3am, which she took to CC abd asked to write-direct. If its good, CC said he’d film

Writing #allthings helped her find confidence. Directing made her feel like kid in candy store#ECCC13

5 days in to filming #allthings she wanted to quit – “it was so hard’l#ECCC13

GA mentions that TXF only had 2 female directors – (her and Michelle MacLaren) #ECCC13

Fan asking if GA ever kept her Scully suits. She rememers a plaid one abd a teal blue one. She did keep trench coats #ECCC13

And GA kept Scully’s gravestone

Fan wants to know about working with Vince Gilligan. GA needs help remembering Vince’s face#ECCC13

GA says Vince is sweet, soft spoken, innocuous #ECCC13

GA says there may be more dark roles for her but she takes it as they come #ECCC13

GA says the dark roles are something she can’t stay away from. She’s blessed to have the opportunity #ECCC13

Not a lot if makeup for Mrs Castaway, but she was still creepy, that was just me – GA #ECCC13

GA says the creepiest show was “Home” for her #ECCC13

Fam asked about XF3. GA says CC was working on it last she checked#ECCC13

Fan asking if GA will do theater again, and in US theater #ECCC13

GA aiming to do a show to start in Lindon next year then come to NewYork #ECCC13

GA stays away from “insane” chars, but it hasn’t been offered to her, but she will hesitate she thinks, because of Piiper growing up in set

GA trained her mind to turn off “dark chars” #ECCC13

GA says she takes the bus/train in London but drives a Land Rover due to her family size #ECCC13

GA says recycling is important to her abd how in London she composts since they use the funds to help neighborhoods #ECCC13

Fan asking about Hannibal which airs April 4 bit her char is near tbe end #ECCC13

GA just signed up for an NBC pilot – crowd goes wild since she returns to American at TV #ECCC13

Her fave part of acting is “not something I can quantify. It’s party of my cellular make up. And it’s the only thing I’m good at.” #ECCC13

Fan asking about GA voice acting like a #princessmononke

GA loves Misaze films. Big influence in her daughters life#ECCC13

#UpOnPoppyHill also did voice on that. Comes out next year#ECCC13

GA fave piece of Dickens lit is#GreatExpectations. Loves the innocent Pip char #ECCC13

GA tells story about Pip being asked by a convict to steal a file from his blacksmith father. GA says heartbreaking moment #ECCC13

Rachael Bakker @neuroticlaundry

On relationship with Duchovny “It was like being in a forced marriage you didn’t want to be in.” -Gillian Anderson #ECCC2013

Cathy O’D @l0islane

They still intend to make a second series of #thefall (show the first series then!) #eccc

Other pictures here :  Kris Aquino


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