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From Up On Poppy Hill (2013)

A group of Yokohama teens look to save their school’s clubhouse from the wrecking ball in preparations for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Rôle : Miki Hokuto, a doctor-in-training staying at Coquelicot’s apartment.

Réalisateur : Goro Miyazaki (les contes de Terremer). La version anglaise sera réalisée par Gary Rydstrom qui a obtenu de nombreux oscars pour son travail sur le son dans des films tels que : TERMINATOR 2, JURASSIC PARK, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, TITANIC….

Scénaristes : Tetsuro Sayama, Hayao Miyazaki.

Producteurs de la version anglaise : Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy.

Distribution : Ron Howard (Akio Kazama), Christina Hendricks (Miki Hokuto), Aubrey Plaza (Sachiko Hirokôji),  Jamie Lee Curtis , Bruce Dern ( Tokumaru Rijichô), Chris Noth (World History teacher), Anton Yelchin (Shun Kazama),  Sarah Bolger (Umi Matsuzaki), Ronan Farrow,  Alex Wolff (Riku Matsuzaki), Charlie Saxton, Emily Osment (Yuko), Isabelle Fuhrman, Beau Bridges (Yoshio Onodera), Jeff Dunham (Gen Shiraki), Emily Bridges, Raymond Ochoa, Jake Steinfield (Fish Seller).

Trailer :

US Trailer :

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Official Site (In Japanese)

Anime News Network

Studio Ghibli Twitter

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IMDB (For Updates)

Japan 16 July 2011
Canada 8 September 2011 (Toronto International Film Festival)
South Korea 29 September 2011
Italy 1 November 2011 (Rome Film Festival)
France 14 November 2011 (Paris) (premiere)
Hong Kong 7 January 2012 (limited)
Belgium 11 January 2012 (French speaking region)
France 11 January 2012
Switzerland 11 January 2012 (French speaking region)
Hong Kong 19 January 2012
Turkey 8 April 2012 (Istanbul Film Festival)
UK 13 April 2012 (Terracotta Far East Film Festival)
Thailand 26 April 2012
Russia 5 July 2012
Turkey 3 August 2012 (limited)
Finland 28 September 2012
Norway 23 November 2012

Palmarès :

2012 : JAPANESE ACADEMY : Best Animation Film

Box-office :

60 034 949 $ and counting.

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