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Coming Soon : UFO, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Squadron 42, The Sunlit Night, Sex Education.

Dragon*Con (2012)

Gillian Anderson participe au DRAGON*CON à Atlanta les 1er et 2 septembre.

Gillian will attend this year’s Dragon*Con on Saturday afternoon (September 1) and all day Sunday (September 2) – Labor Day Weekend. She’ll be doing panel on both days.

Dragon*Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!


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Gillian quotes :

*Gillian said she laid on her hotel bed before the panel trying to remember X-Files stuff. Lmao.

* She’s talking about how she keeps bad scripts and just laughs at them CRIES

*”That doesn’t answer your question, but at least I talked for a little while.”

“What I remember about him is that he leaned against a filing cabinet, smoking.” – Gillian Anderson on William B. Davis

G said she wasn’t drunk yesterday, she hasnt been in years and that she’s not feeling v funny today

Listening to Gillian Anderson talk about her acting career in the UK. She’s done a lot of cool period dramas.

I can die happy now. I just heard Gillian Anderson speak French!

Just said x-files 3 is being written now by Chris Carter!

Gillian said we should wait until #XF3 is written to begin campaigns.

“There’s no improv in Ibsen.”

She had a hamburger last night. It messed with her brain.

She says regret is such a waste of energy

Gillian Anderson says she “can’t talk about” some special things coming up.

“30 years ago, the first female special agent was granted her badge”

Gillian Anderson just did a PSA for the FBI to promote female special agents

She met someone who was from another planet and could spontaneously orgasm.

“I remember someone handing me a sheet of paper with conspiracies written on them… They concerned me.”

Gillian Anderson’s advice to actors saying scientific jargon: “wear glasses.”

some spanish fan said G said the sexiest man in the world is Sergio Castellitto

“I don’t know where I got it from, but I’ve always been good with rejection. If I didn’t get it, I genuinely believe it wasn’t meant to be.”

Gillian Anderson just learned about Adventure Time.

She is talking about Bleak House and realizing how much she loved and wanted to be in London.

Gillian talks about how much she loves French films.

She thinks Sergio Castellitto (Italian actor) is the sexiest man alive. Haha!

She says Rowan Atkinson is a very serious actor and his comedy is actually very technical and crafted.

She says she likes to do theater every 3 years or so. Would love to do Broadway. Large cheers from the crowd!

She says Chris Carter is working on the #XF3 script and that nothing else can be done forward until the script is finished

She says if you are going to do #XF3 petitions, wait to do it until Chris finishes the script and it is in FOX’s hands

A fan asked about Closure/Straightheads and what attracted to her to the role. She said she loved the intensity and the journey Alice goeson

Gillian is talking about some FBI stuff… Stops talking… Said she had a hamburger last night and it messed with her brain LMFAO

LMFAO. LMFAO. Gillian telling a story about a fan she met in Venice who believed he was from another planet and could spontaneously orgasm Which is how he communicated back to his planet. DEAD

The moderator for Gillian’s panel was really awkward, scrolling through imdb on her phone and shit. dude it was so awkward. She tried to say Gillian had 2 roles in Bleak House. Gillian was like “uh, what?” turns out she misread her phone

yes! OMG like the mod was talking (too much, IMO) and some girl stands up and is like “um can we ask questions now?” I died! Lol

Also the other part of the story was a woman who could shoot a paint brush out of her vajayjay and showed Gillian. LMFAO

moderator asked about future upcoming film projects and she mentioned there was one or two things she could not talk about.


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