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Great Expectations (2011)

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Un pauvre orphelin, Pip, devient soudain un gentleman avec l’aide d’un mystérieux bienfaiteur.

Rôle : Miss Havisham, une vieille fille riche, qui vit dans une grande demeure en ruine, en compagnie de sa fille adoptive, Estella, tandis qu’en parlant d’elle on dit qu’elle ressemble à « la sorcière de l’endroit ».

Réalisateur : Brian Kirk (Pulling moves, Murphy’s law, Funland, Middletown, The Riches, The Tudors, Brotherhood, My boy Jack, Father and son, Dexter, Luther, Boardwalk empire, Game of thrones, Luck, Rogue, Gilded Lilys…)

Scénaristes : Sarah Phelps d’après l’œuvre de Charles Dickens

Distribution : Ray Winstone (Magwitch), Douglas Booth (Pip), David Suchet (Jagger), Mark Addy (Pumblechook), Harry Lloyd (Herbert Pocket), Izzy Meikle-Small (Estella jeune), Vanessa Kirby (Estella), Claire Rushbrook (Mrs Gargery), Paul Rhys (Compeyson), Paul Ritter (Wemmick), Jack Roth (Orlick), Frances Barber (Mrs Brandley), Eros Vlahos (Jerbert Pocket jeune), Oscar Kennedy (Pip jeune), Shaun Dooley (Joe Gargery), Dave Legeno (Borrit), Laura Aikman (Biddy), Tom Burke (Bentley Drummle), David Lyddon (Dorit), Susan Lynch (Molly), Perdita Weeks (Clara Barley), Charlie Creed Miles (Sergeant), Mary Roscoe (Hannah), Abigail Bond (Mrs Pocket), Andrew Bone (Mr Pocket), JJ Hooker (La tenancière du bordel)…

Trailer :

Diffusions : Les 27, 28 et 29 décembre 2011 à 21h00 au Royaume-Uni (BBC1) et en avril 2012 (1er et 8) aux Etats-Unis (PBS)

Promo : 

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This Is South Wales

Dickens exhibition


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Critiques :

There will undoubtedly be loads of reviews for GE so I thought I’d kick this thread off with a review from the Christmas edition of the Radio Times:Great Expectations: Tuesday 27th December, 9pm, BBC1

Charles Dickens’ hard, dark story of the orphan, Pip, sweats with atmosphere right from its opening scenes of a man rising like a bullet-headed submersible from the flat, grey waters of enless, foggy marshland.

Of course, it’s escaped convict Magwitch (Ray Winstone) who terrifies little Pip, cuffed and tormented at home, into becoming a conspirator in his bid for freedom. It’s a trememdous start to a thrilling adaptation blessed with an unforgettable performance by Gillian Anderson as the decrepit Miss Havisham, tipped into quiet derangement by disappointment. Hopelessly damaged by her jilting at the altar, her house is a monument to thwarted love – the fossilised wedding cake, the cobweb-strewn flowers and, of course, her wedding dress, worn every day and fading to rags.

Anderson will break your heart every time she appears, trapped in girlishness with her sing-song voice and mild, almost fey manners. But she’s playing a terrible game, manipulating the lives of Pip and her haughty adopted daughter, Estella.

(Wednesday’s review has nothing specific about G’s performance)

Great Expectations: Thursday 29th December, 9pm, BBC1

Gillian Anderson is bewitching as mad Miss Havisham, now alone in the dusty isolation of Satis House. As she walks down the stairs in her wedding tatters, she looks like a bruised and discarded Pre-Raphaelite beauty. But she has been cruel, feeding a near-lifetime of lies to both Pip and Estella. As this brilliant adaptation ends, she looks closely at herself after revelling in the pain of others and commits one last act of blazing madness.

Pip still yearns for Estella but her heart is hard: “Everyone is meant to love me but I don’t love back.” Poor Pip. He lives on shifting sands; pretty much everything he has always believed in untrue, as he learns when an unforgettable character from his childhood returns. The story touches every emotion and, by the closing scenes, you will be drained. Unmissable.

Reviews by Alison Graham for Radio Times

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The Culture Critic

Guardian   Guardian 2  Guardian 3


On The Box

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Radio Times


Audiences :

1er épisode : 6, 6 millions de spectateurs sur BBC One

2e épisode : 6, 04 millions de spectateurs sur BBC One

3e épisode : 5, 9 millions de spectateurs sur BBC One

Awards : 


WINNER: Production Design – David Roger

WINNER: Visual Effects – BlueBolt

WINNER: Photography & Lighting: Fiction – Florian Hoffmeister

* TELEVISUAL BULLDOG AWARD for Drama One Off or Serial

* PAAFTJ TELEVISION AWARD for Florian Hoffmeister : Best Cinematography in a miniseries or tvMovie.


  • Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or Movie : Florian Hoffmeister : For episode “Part 2”
  • Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries or a Movie : Jo Kornstein (set decorator), David Roger (production designer), Paul Ghirardani (art director).
  • Outstanding Costumes for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special : Annie Symons (costume designer), Yvonne Duckett (costume supervisor) : For episode “Part 2”
  • Outstanding Main Title Design : Nic Benns (title designer), Tom Bromwich (titles producer), Rodi Kaya (3D artist).


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