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Coming Soon : UFO, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Squadron 42, The Sunlit Night, Sex Education.

Fan Expo Canada (2012)

Gillian was in the Fan Expo in Toronto on Saturday, August 25  and Sunday, August 26 .


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@FanExpoCanada Stan Lee cutting in line to get Gillian Anderson’s autograph was pretty epic!

Sabrina Sabrina ‏@Sabrina_DiNardo

@FanExpoCanada Photographic proof of Stan Lee cutting in line for Gillian Anderson’s autograph!

Thanks to Lisa

After Gillian arrived for her signing session, the first one to come ask for an autograph was an elderly man. What I didn’t realize while taking pictures of her is that after a few moments, she became emotional…

Later on when he came back to see Gillian, I caught with the man and plainly asked him why she cried earlier (am I a good stalk– fan or what? lol). He told me he talked to her about her performance as Lady Dedlock in ‘Bleak House’ and gave her old books of ‘Bleak House’, novels from the 1800’s if I remember correctly! Maybe those were books he or his family had for a very long time, who knows! When I asked him why he did that, he just shrugged and said “Because I felt like it!” He thought maybe the fact that he was here because of ‘Bleak House’ and not ‘The X-Files’ etc. added to Gillian’s tears. But still when he talked to me about it, it seems like he didn’t expect such a reaction from her. He showed me the two pictures he took with her and his autographed picture on which Gillian had written “You moved me to tears.” Aww! He told me he’s not exactly a fan – you know, like we are – but he’s also an actor and everything. Nice man indeed! 🙂 (thanks Rachel Spice)

Note that he’s the only one who had pictures taken with Gillian at the signing AND the only one who got hugs from her! I’m so jealous! lol


David And Gillian Archives

Some quotes of the panel :

“it would be really odd if we were the only planet in the universe.”

Gillian just learned the meaning of the term shipper.

Gillian Anderson just said she’s a mulder/scully shipper.

@GillianA discussing all things now and her inspiration for writing it.before she discussed Bad Blood

“I had trouble learning lines since season 1. Bob Goodman said work harder on lines or you’re gonna have to look for another job.”

Play such a strong character helped @GillianA find her own strength.

If she could spend an hour or a day with anyone, @GillianA would spend it with Adele.

@GillianA telling the story of her high school arrest, during the chase she stepped on a nail.

@GillianA “I used to drive around Vancouver listening to music really loud but the one song from XF I remember was Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog.”

“What the fuck is going on here?” -@GillianA on Scully having to walk a few paces behind Mulder in the start of the show.

@GillianA is discussing the troubles of writing a screenplay on the book she optioned. She’s still planning on making it

@GillianA Philes asking about XF3. “I met with Chris before coming here and it’s looking pretty good.”

@GillianA “We have to convince FOX.”

Question to @GillianA on funny moments in #TXF: Kim Manners yelling “Rock from Mars!” Also being attacked by a cat on a stick.

@GillianA “Even if I pull a prank, I’ll laugh before everyone else.”
@GillianA is talking about her upcoming projects. The Fall, I’ll Follow You Down.

There are a lot of things I would have done differently, but Scully wouldn’t have been one of them.”


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