All About Gillian

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Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Johnny English poursuit des assassins internationaux qui traquent le président chinois.

“When I saw the first film, I started laughing from the title sequence. There is just something about Rowan‟s timing. I find him endlessly funny. The opportunity to do comedy on a big scale and the chance to work with and observe Rowan‟s process were just too good to miss out on.” Gillian Anderson
“Gillian brings hardness, credibility and a bite to Pamela,” “You believe that this woman is in charge and is not  going to take any prisoners, and she is notgoing to tolerate any silliness from Johnny English. Rowan Atkinson

Rôle : Pamela Thornton (aka Pegasus chef du MI7)

Réalisateur : Oliver Parker (Othello, Un mari idéal, L’importance d’être constant, Fade to black, I really hate my job, Dorian Gray, St Trinian’s, St Trinian’s 2…)


Scénaristes : William Davies, Hamish McCall, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade.

DistributionRowan Atkinson (Johnny English), Rosamund Pike (Kate Sumner), Dominic West (Simon Ambrose), Richard Schiff (Fisher), Burn Gorman (Slater), Tim McInnerny (Patch Quatermain),  Mark Ivanir (Karlenko), Togo Igawa (Ting Wang), Daniel Kaluuya (Tucker), Josephine de La Baume (Madeleine), Christina Chong (Barbara), Stephen Campbell Moore (le premier ministre), Tasha de Vasconcelos (Contesse Alexandra), Chris Jarman (Michael Tembe), Benedict Wong (Chi Han Ly)…

Trailer : 

Dates de sortie :

  • France : 19 octobre 2011
  • USA : 28 octobre 2011
  • Royaume-Uni : 7 octobre 2011

Making of :

Promo :  

  Gillian was a great sport in this – easy going and up for it. She’s got the glacial sort of persona but as a woman she’s so down to earth. It’s a tough thing to act opposite Rowan – you’re not quite sure where you fit. Are you allowed to be funny? And the director’s saying “no, I think it’ll be funnier if you play it straight.” I really enjoyed working with her. We’ve sort of adopted her in Britain. She was great in the BBC’s Bleak House.  Oliver Parker

Critiques :

Box-office : $ 160 millions 

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