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Currently : The X-Files S11. Coming Soon : UFO, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Squadron 42.

London Film and Comic Con (2012)

Gillian participait au London Film and Comic Con à Londres ce Samedi 7 juillet 2012. Au programme, conférence et photos avec les fans. Voici quelques photos prises par les fans et les questions posées lors de la conférence.

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Favorite things from Moscow: nesting dolls cup from Starbucks.

Gillian just got very confused as to where fan questions are coming from. Cue giggling.

Communication with fans gotten more meaningful in the last few years.

Got involved with BBC’s The Fall because she loved the script. ‪

Gillian’s commemorated 10 years of ‪The X-Files finale by coming to ‪London Film & Comic Con‬ and signing up for Twitter. (You can follow her @GillianA)

David threw rice at Gillian at the end of a shoot with dead body & maggots. She thought it was maggots.

People responded to Scully rather than her as an actress. She understands it more now & how much it means to fans.

Gillian is up for X-Files 3 (and so are we all).

If Gillian had the chance she’d like to play Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire.

She’s trying to find something on theatre but so far nothing catches her attention. She hopes it’ll be in New York. ‪

Fav memories from The X-Files‬: laughing a lot.

Whatever reason people keep watching TV, coming to conventions is cool. “Whatever shakes your boat,” Gillian says before bursting into gigles. ‪

Gillian really enjoyed playing Miss Havisham in Great Expectations. ‪

‘Bad Blood’ is one of Gillian’s favourite episodes. Her favourite scene is Mulder staking Ronnie Strickland and finding his fake teeth.

Favorite Story Arc from The X-Files: Gillian can’t remember any of the storylones from The X-Files but likes the funny episodes.

Final note from Bertha and Bethan: There were repeat questions but she was great! Love it when she giggles! ‪Standing ovation for Gillian at the end of the panel.

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