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Coming Soon : Viceroy's House, We, American Gods, Squadron 42, Crooked House, UFO. Filming Soon : Andorra.

Straightheads (2007)

            Après avoir survécu à une grave agression et à un viol, une femme d’affaire et son jeune amant décident de se venger.

“Gillian was the only actor I could ever really visualise as Alice, she captures so precisely her character’s special mix of power, experience and vulnerability.” Dan Reed

 “Sometimes writer director’s can get possessive about their characters but Dan is not like that, he does not make you rigidly follow what he has written, though he is clear about who the characters are. Dan is incredibly confident, and makes the whole process seem effortless, he is generous with his time and talks through things, and is completely open to things changing and shifting for the benefit of the film.” Gillian Anderson

Rôle : Alice Comfort, une femme d’affaire à succès qui va vivre une agression horrible et va décider de se venger de ses agresseurs.

Réalisateur et scénariste : Dan Reed ( Modern Times, Shooters, Lewis, Waking the dead, The Bible : a History, The Groud Zero Mosque, The Children Of  The Tsunami, Inspecteur Lewis…).

Distribution : Danny Dyer (Adam), Adam Rayner (Jago), Anthony Calf (Heffer), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Jeune PA), Antony Byrne (Misha), Ralph Brown (Jamie), Steven Robertson (Bill)…

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