All About Gillian

Coming Soon : Viceroy's House, We, American Gods, Squadron 42, Crooked House, UFO. Filming Soon : Andorra.

Frasier (1999)

Gillian participe à cette série, très connue aux USA. Elle prête sa voix à l’épisode 20 de la saison 6.

Rôle : la voix de Jenny

Réalisateur : Katy Garretson

Scénaristes : David Nagel, Peter Casey

Distribution : Kelsey Grammer (Dr Frasier Crane), Jane Leeves (Daphne Moon), David Hyde Pierce (Dr Niles Crane), Peri Gilpin (Roz Doyle), John Mahoney (Martin Crane), Christine Baranski (Dr Nora Fairchild), Pia Zadora (voix de Jill) , Bonnie Raitt (voix de Denise), Piper Laurie (Mrs Mulhern)…

Voici le transcript de la participation de Gillian :

‘Jenny’ = Gillian Anderson 
Dr. Nora (Radio Counselor) = Christine Baranski 
George = Producer of the radio show (sits in radio booth next to the one that Christine Baranski is in & tells the Radio Counselor about the callers.) 


Dr. Nora: All right, let’s get right to our first caller. Whom do we have? (she’s asking George that question) 

George: We have Jenny from Tacoma on Line 1. 

Dr. Nora: Hello Jenny. I’m Doctor Nora and I’m here to help. 

Jenny: (Gillian with a REALLY Southern accent) Hi, Doctor Nora. My boyfriend and I have been living together for about 2 years… 

Dr. Nora: (Dr. Nora interrupts) Are you having sex? 

Jenny: Our sex life’s not the problem Miss, it’s great, but, but whenever I mention marriage, he changes the subject. Do you think that he’s afraid of commitment? 

Dr. Nora: Uh, no that’s not it. Let me help you see this from a different perspective. You’re a whore Jenny! 

Jenny: Wha…Huh. 

Dr. Nora: You’re sleeping with a man you’re not married to. In my book, that’s a whore. 

Jenny: Well, I’m not a whore. I’m a, I’m a flight attendant. 

Dr. Nora: Oh, you think there’s no overlap. WAKE UP JENNY, you’ve blown it!! Dump this creep. Find a new guy and, until you’re Mrs. new guy, you keep those knees together. OK. STAPLE ‘EM. I don’t care if you have to hop to the alter. (Dr. Nora laughs after that last comment.) God bless you honey! Who’s next?



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