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Absent Friends (1991)

Pièce de théâtre qui a eu lieu en 1991 au Manhattan Theatre Club.

Rôle : Evelyn, une jeune mère pas très sympathique.

Metteur en scène : Lynne Meadow

Scénariste : Alan Ayckbourn

Distribution : Brenda Blethyn (Diana), Ellen Parker (Marge), David Purdham (Paul), John Curless (John), Peter Frechette (Colin).

Critique du New york times :  treview.html?res=9d0ce2d8103af930a25751c0a967958260

The only exception to this general rule is the youngest woman on stage, and the only one who is mothering an actual baby: Evelyn, a sullen malcontent with what one antagonist calls a “really mean little face” and a penchant for speaking solely in contemptuous words of one syllable (usually “no”). Gillian Anderson, the Chicago actress cast in the part, turns Evelyn into a dark void, a glowering presence as devoid of humanity as Mr. Frechette’s Colin is overflowing with it. She is a hilarious, if frightening, representative of abject evil, yet it is Mr. Ayckbourn’s grimmest joke that Colin’s fatuous good will proves just as destructive as Evelyn’s undisguised cynicism and malice.

Autre article sur le site officiel de Gillian91nytimes.shtml

Awards :

1990-1991 : THEATRE WORLD AWARDS : Best Performance


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